Tony Shivers
he is the gift of hope, power for motivation, and the focus for second chances. Giving the opportunity to create a variety of groups for men dealing with the barriers of backgrounds, unemployment, anger management, mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse, and varies of traumatic experiences.
he is the advocate for the justice involved individual who are struggling for a creative perspective of change which can manifest with the right education, support, and willingness to face fears. Functioning in a world of chaos and systematic racism is what motivates me to create solutions for individuals who have made mistakes, battling addiction, or starting over from life after incarceration. 
he will coach and mentor them peer-to-peer through one on one engagements, group session to bring aware, values, and drive purpose with confidence to any portion of their life by applying daily action plans and progress reports. Issues could be a full range of insecurities, lack of education, financial poverty, instability, anger, and more. Learning how to use these very things as a driving source to become better version of themselves. Having group session, one on one lunches or coaching sessions. 
he has found out through experience positive affirmations, great support systems and peer lead session has proved to provide an enormous platform of trust and participation. his impact and Influence is everything. Impact  has the power to change any family, community, situation, and circumstance. When invested for the long haul the results are healthier and you build faith in happy people. 

as his motto: Strive, Think, Invest, Love, and Live!
Not only was he a all conference baseball player and tried out for the Atlanta braves twice. he still experienced 7 years in prison. his life was not chaotic and terrible growing up. Now it is devote advocating for others that shares those same experiences. a new life was started to appreciate the life he had even if he had made some bad decisions. he is the king over his own life and the value he has is priceless.
he strongly believes in networking and Collaborating with great community members and business owners. from doing so his life  has changed drastically. He is involved with serval organizers in the Community. Youth Transformed for Life, Cothinkk, SPARC Foundation, CPC Unite Transform heal, and the western Carolina rescue mission.
his greatest response is to continue these endeavors with impacting our community and bring value on all levels of empowerment.